Teascarlet female musician with acoustic guitar


Solo exhibition of my work is on display now through November 20 at Columbia Bank Plaza in Sandpoint, Idaho.  There will be a reception 5-7 pm on September 30, hosted by the Pend Oreille Arts Council.  

The show is titled "Resolve" and it includes work from my 3 main bodies of work--flowers, trees, and abstracts.  I have paintings as small as 4x4 inches, as large as 4x4 feet, and everything in-between. Please come see my art in person!

My Story

Introspection through painting and songwriting has illuminated what my parents and many others have tried to convince me of since I was 2 years old – I am an artist. It was not the path I took that revealed this to me; it was the mediums I sought to bear the deepest of my troubles. Through pain both physical and emotional, I have come to know what makes me thrive. I must create

​As my many commissions yielded a greater audience, I found my own freedom in these expressions. Although I have been creating my whole life, it is just in the last 5 years that I have begun to pursue painting as a profession.  I am so grateful to continually hear of how my work inspires hope, healing and passion in others--I love the power of art!  I look forward to your thoughts on my expressions of the beauty I find in life, in both its gravity and glory.  Until then, I'll be here in North Idaho, surrounded by captivating mountain wilderness and a stunning scenery like no other.