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I am Teascarlet, also known as Hannah Sucsy.  I live in beautiful Bonners Ferry, Idaho and draw much of my inspiration from the natural beauty here.  I have been an artist my whole life, although only in the last few years have I begun to focus my efforts on painting to share with the world. Commissions welcome.

My Story

Introspection through painting and songwriting has illuminated what my parents and many others have tried to convince me of since I was 2 years old – I am an artist. It was not the path I took that revealed this to me; it was the mediums I sought to bear the deepest of my troubles. Through pain both physical and emotional, I have come to know what makes me thrive. I must create

​As my many commissions yielded a greater audience, I found my own freedom in these expressions. Although I have been creating my whole life, it is just in the last 5 years that I have begun to pursue painting as a profession.  I am so grateful to continually hear of how my work inspires hope, healing and passion in others--I love the power of art!  I look forward to your thoughts on my expressions of the beauty I find in life, in both its gravity and glory.  Until then, I'll be here in North Idaho, surrounded by captivating mountain wilderness and a stunning scenery like no other.




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