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A fantastic week of contagious creativity!

Updated: Mar 9

CHALK the BLOCK 2023 | Kootenai River Days

Well over 100 people participated in this four day event, from toddlers to grandparents and everything in-between. It was such a popular event that appealed to all ages and skill levels. Lots of people picked up a piece of chalk and drew a simple happy face or cheerful message. Some people sat and worked on their design for longer, taking the time to add details and shading and blending. My personal favorite was a 10-year-old named Jude who did the scene in front of Goat Mountain Pizza. He showed up with a 30" wide sketch for his plan, and he spent well over 2 hours on his masterpiece that was over 20 feet long.

I hope to repeat the event next year. This year I just had a couple small prizes (art supplies). Next year I would love to have some designated areas for artists wanting to enter the contest, and then other areas for anyone else. It has me brainstorming about how to get some sponsorships for bigger prizes that would attract more serious artists. I have requested that some of the sponsorship funds raised by the Chamber of Commerce for Kootenai River Days could go toward this, so we'll see.

What did you think? Did you add to the art? Did you enjoy walking around and seeing all the colorful additions to the sidewalk? Let me know your ideas for improving the event next time.

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