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Finding the Extraordinary Hidden in the Mundane

"As artists, we aim to live in a way in which we see the extraordinary hidden in the seemingly mundane. Then challenge ourselves to share what we see in a way that allows others a glimpse of this remarkable beauty." --from Rick Rubin's The Creative Act: A Way of Being

Here in north Idaho, we are surrounded by the stunning beauty of nature every day. We all see the same sunsets, we all see the same trees and canola fields and foggy mornings. But even though we all see the same views, what we view and what we perceive is so different!

Hidden in the mundane this Sunday morning in April are billions of branches, filled with latent energy just waiting to explode into leaf buds and blossoms. There is rain and matted grass that has sat under the snow for months, and there is mud everywhere!

My hope is that today, you pause for a moment, and find something extraordinary in it.

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