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Merry & Bright

December was such a flurry! The Solstice celebration at the gallery was a big hit, and next year I'll be sure to make more wassail. About 50 people ventured out to raise a toast to the returning sun.

I finished up a tulip commission I had to keep secret, taught a lesson to a couple elementary classes, made and sold lots more original ornaments, and sold one of my favorite abstracts to one of my legacy collectors. During the very full gallery hours, I counted down the days to having my 2 older kids home. Now I'm reveling in the post-Christmas "chill" and enjoying the extra family time. I had no idea how much fun it would be to have adult children, but I'm really enjoying this stage. I am blessed that all 4 of them are happy, healthy, fabulous humans (albeit sometimes ridiculously silly).

Reflecting on the past year has me amazed and overwhelmed at such goodness. I am so thankful to be doing what I'm doing, so thankful to have stumbled into opening my gallery. I often get asked how the gallery is doing, with the unspoken undertone of "how long until you realize you can't make it as a full-time artist in Bonners Ferry?" Yes, starting a business is difficult and challenging and discouraging at times. But in just the 9 months since opening my doors, I have sold 119 originals! Almost all of those sales went to first-time collectors, many of whom live here locally. Between my 2 main interactive events, Artist Trading Card Exchange and Chalk the Block, over 300 people of all ages and skill levels have been encouraged to pursue their own creativity by sharing their art with others.

The closing of a year always brings a look ahead, sometimes with goals or plans or resolutions. I am excited for continued growth and connection in my community, and for working to make art more accessible to local kids.

Wishing you a very happy new year! May your upcoming year be filled with growth, connection, beauty, and light. And more art--of course!


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